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You have a great resume reflecting your personal "brand" written by a professional resume writer. What you do next determines whether or not you receive interviews, how many, how fast you receive them and the quality of offers made. Mistakes cost time and money.

There are hundreds of applicants for every job posted online or in the newspaper. Make sure you get the interview. Make sure they offer you the job. Make sure the company offers more than the posted salary and without withdrawing the offer. The secret to a successful job search is knowing what to do, when to do it, what to say, and when

Don't let your job search drag on. Our Webinars give you all the tactics that work. Your own nationally recognized career coach expert to work with you "live" online. Ask your questions and get the expert answers that you need.  If your goal is to secure more and better interviews, receive higher offers or increase your earning potential, then attend our Webinars and learn how to achieve your goals.  Use our vast resources and Free Tactical Support that comes with the WebinarsSeries. Mover your career forward now.

Webinars Units are not sold separately.  The price shown includes all four webinar units.


Here's What You Will Be Able To Do After Attending Our Webinars!

Brand yourself - secure interviews - receive excellent offers. Also receive Free Tactical Support, as shown on the right side of this page.  

Webinar 1: Managing A Results-Driven Job Search - Approximately 45 minutes in length , including Q/A- When you complete this session you will be able to:

  • set up a process that will shorten your search time
  • use our worksheet forms to help you build the "new" you - better branding
  • establish your daily and weekly search schedule - time is money
  • create a search folder to organize your many search acitivites
  • set job and career goals for both now and the rest of your career - no more uncertanity
  • define your transferable skills - what they are really buying
  • understand your core competencies - make the iring decision easier
  • state your job and career accomplishments properly - be the finalist
  • develop SHARE¬© stories to eliminate your competition- secure real money

Webinar 2Getting More and Better Interviews - Approximately 75 minutes including Q/A
When you complete this session you will be able to:

  • build, develop and manage your network - 80% of all jobs
  • penetrate and impact the "hidden" job market - know where to look
  • manage your responses to the "published" job market - responses that work
  • use trade and fraternal organizations to secure interviews - multi-channel marketing
  • effectively manage recruiters - know the differences - manage accordingly
  • respond to Internet ads and receive meaningful responses back - no responses?
  • maximize your time at job fairs and make them work for you - networking is critical
  • use event opportunities to secure interviews - find the right one
  • manage an effective direct mail campaign - channel marketing
  • best practices for posting and distribution - what works, what does't
  • use our telephone "scripts" to secure interviews - what to say - how to say it

Webinar 3:  Interviewing Tactics To Secure Offers - Time approximately 60 minutes including Q/A
When you complete this session you will be able to:

  • create added value for yourself in the eyes of the hiring authority - no offers without this
  • implement interview tactics  - HR, HA, panel, behavioral and video conference
  • anticipate objections - if you don't there will be no offer
  • manage objections - offers are made when there are no objections left
  • create a dialogue - critical to determining final success
  • provide answers to the 50+ most-asked questions - trick questions are designed to eliminate you
  • breeze through the top 10 stress questions  you will know the answers
  • role play with your webinar coach - get it right before your interview

Webinar 4Negotiating Tactics To Secure More Money - Time approximately 45 minutes, including Q/A   When you complete this session you will be able to:

  • structure the money issues - prioritize your requirements
  • apply proven closing and negotiating techniques  - get more money every time
  • determine and set a salary range - know what to do
  • analyze job offers you receive to make the right choice - a critical juncture
  • define the "perfect" and "imperfect offers - evaluate each offer properly
  • deliver a counter offer that won't be rejected - you only get one shot at this
  • close the deal - techniques that actually work