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Calendar of Events

All Webinars times are shown in Eastern Time Zone, no matter where you are located.

Webinar series events are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Units Offered

On the second Tuesday of each month:      Webinar 1 -   Managing a Results-Driven Job Search
On the second Thursday of each month:    Webinar 2 -   Getting More and Better Interviews
On the third Tuesday of each month:        Webinar 3 -    Interviewing Tactics to Secure Offers
On the third Thursday of each month:       Webinar 4 -   Negotiating Tactics to Secure More Money

It is simple, easy, and you can complete all four sessions within two weeks.

When these dates fall immediately before or immediately after a national holiday, the schedule will be adjusted. We will notify all registered attendees in advance of changes. Make up sessions may also be scheduled with permission of the program administrator.     

As a courtesy to all attendees, all participants should log into both the website and dial into the teleconference, no less than TWO minutes in advance of each Webinar session and no more than FIVE minutes, so that attendees my enjoy the full time allocated to each Webinar Unit. To enter later than this will possibly disrupt the session.