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Use a Nationally Certified Resume Writer

To secure an interview, you must receive a call. To receive a call you must compel someone to pick up the phone and call you. What causes them to call you is what they read in your resume and your ability to brand yourself to stand out from the competition.

The truth is that there are thousands of "experts" on resumes. Just ask anyone and they will give you their opinion - your mother, your friends, and colleagues. Worse yet, every "professional recruiter" has an opinion on what he or she likes. It is getting to the point where universities and online colleges might have to start a course called Resumes 101. Even then there would no doubt be many conflicting opinions and suggestions varying from institution to institution. Writing resumes is difficult, but you know that. What you don't know is that recruiter turnover is very, very high, nationwide. What does this mean? There are lots of new recruiters with little or no experience offering you their opinion. The sad thing is that you might listen to them and then write a document that doesn't get interviews. How bad is that? Take our advice and use a professional resume writer.

If you have not used a nationally certified professional resume writer, then you might wish to consider doing so. Look, you don't fill your own cavities, do you? Of course you don't. You go to a specialist - a dentist. The same applies to resumes as well. Go to a trained expert and seek help. There are a number of national resume writing and coaching organizations with hundreds of certified members from which you may choose.

Below are three such organizations where you may search for a certified writer to meet your special needs. Also, you may be interested in our recommended list of writers.

Career Directors International

Career Management Alliance

National Resume Writers Association


We feature writers with whom we have experience and know are the top in their field. You may wishto check them out, as you go through your selection process:

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