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Program Guidelines

Overview: Our Webinars are conducted in a group setting via telephone conferencing and supported simultaneously by Web materials deliverd online. Each Webinar is "live" and chaired by an expert SC&C Executive Coach. Depending upon the subject matter for a particular Webinar, a session may last up to 75 minutes. In each session, up to 25 minutes may be dedicated to answering questions posed by attendees.

Registration and Enrollment: Each attendee will be sent passwords and login codes to access the teleconferencing and Webinar delivery systems. Following enrollment, a Webinar an attendee will dial a toll-free number and enter a pre-distributed password to gain admission.  Webinar subject matter covered will be repeated if the number of attendees exceeds the maximum attendee level.

Attendance: It is our goal to seat up to 20 attendees per Webinar session. This may vary slightly. The low number of attendees allows sufficient time for participants to ask questions and receive thoughtful answers from our experts.

Course Materials and Online Access: In advance of each Webinar, attendees will be sent via e-mail all codes to allow quick login to our secure Website and access presentation materials required for each unit in this Webinar series. Many of these Web-based materials provided may be downloaded to a home computer and printed. This allows participants to keep permanent records of their job search campaign activities.

Cancellation, Refund and Makeup: Our policy is to allow you, the purchaser, 72 hours in which to request a refund. We will provide one, if you request it in writing during this time period. However, once login codes and passwords have been issued to you, no refund will be given.

Attendance and Database Access Time Frames: Your codes and passwords to attend the Webinar sessions are valid for 45 days from the date of issue. There will be at least three Webinar unit cycles that occur during this period of time. You will have more than enough time to complete all four webinar units and even allow you to enter a "make up" unit, should that situation arise. You wil have personal access to the databasesfor four months from the date of enrollment.

Enrollment Requirements: No person will be accepted for enrollment who does not have a cable or DSL connection or does not have a computer capable of quickly downloading information from the Internet.  We will not be responsible, nor will a refund be given, for attendees who lack sufficient computer, reading, or typing skills to manage the information in the Webinar series.