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How to Get Multiple Interviews and Job Offers

Is this happening to you? You have your professionally written resume and have posted it on a dozen or more Web sites. You have established "search agents" on each job board. You then sit back and wonder why you are not getting interviews. Maybe you are getting calls from companies trying to get you to work at a job that is a level or two beneath your level of experience or previous income.

Which is the most effective technique for resume posting and distribution? How do you manage and "work" the people in your network without burning them out or having them avoid you? How do you manage recruiters? What are event opportunities? How do you find and manage them properly? How do you get past the gatekeepers to secure an interview? More importantly, how do you avoid being trapped by the HR department and pigeonholed there where the hiring authority never even reviews your candidacy? How do you respond to Internet ads? These are just a few of the questions for which you must have answers in order to manage a successful job search. How are you doing so far?

Learn what we teach our six-figure executives about making sure they are the ones getting multiple interviews and receive higher offers.

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