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Negotiate and Accept Larger Money Offers

In school, they don't teach interviewing and they certainly don't teach negotiation or managing money issues in an interview. Right? In fact, it is something that 99% of Americans would like to avoid, if possible.

Think about the last time you bought a car. Was that fun? Take a moment and remember the techniques you used in that transaction. Did you walk away from the dealership thinking they had taken advantage of you and you paid too much? Now project those same techniques you used when you were negotiating the price of the car onto your next employment negotiation session. How successful will you be using those same tactics?

There are techniques we at Stewart, Cooper & Coon teach our six-figure executives about how to control the interview and close properly. In our Webinars we will teach you the same techniques on how to manage a wide variety of interview settings including HR, panels, behavioral, and video conference settings.

We will teach you what we teach our six-figure executive clients - how to anticipate and manage objections and how to make sure you are the finalist who receives the offer. We will provide you the answers to money-issue negotiation strategies and what the correct answers are to the 50 most-asked and top 10 stress questions. We will help you understand how to avoid money issues too early in your interviews and how to be viewed as having added value to your future employer.

We will teach you how to set salary ranges, analyze job offers, define the "perfect" offer, and differentiate it from the "imperfect" offer, and deliver great counter offers that will yield you more money.

We will teach you all that, and much more, in small, personal seminar sessions where you can ask questions and get answers that work.

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