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Personal Branding & Packaging

Let's face the truth. Many job seekers go from job to job with no career plan. Why? Because they really do not understand how to properly explore and develop a personal brand. Most begin by writing a resume with no thought really given to what they really offer to employers, resulting in a complete waste of time for both.

Companies hire you because they think you will significantly contribute to their organization. They want to know what you bring to the table that will contribute to their top or bottom line more than the other 500 job seekers apply for the same position. If all you are doing is submitting a resume without differentiating yourself, you will probably not receive a call for an interview, no matter what job level you seek.

Time is of the essence in a job search. It is precious. Don't waste time on methods Internet searches and other job search methods that do not work. Many people buy job search books, in hoping to figure out how to find the next job quickly. By the time you read all the books on the subject, thousands of listed positions will have been filled. You spend a lot of money and still don't get the job you want. We will share our knowledge with you in a small workshop setting where you can get personal attention and learn how to avoid all the mistakes made by others.

There are eight channels of marketing yourself in a job search campaign. How many of these are you now utilizing? If you are not engaged in making each of these work for you, your job search will be slow, your search timeframe will be extended, and you will continue to receive calls from multilevel marketing or insurance companies offering positions that are well below your capability and experience. Worse yet, you will wind up with a J.O.B. but it probably will not be one that is the right "next step" in your career.

Save time, money and frustration and in so doing, improve your career path -now. Learn what we teach each of our six-figure executive clients who do land jobs quickly, receive more money, and move up in their careers.

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