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The recordings below are taken from live interviews with clients that have benefited both in their career advancement and financially from working with our coaches on a wide variety of issues including changing careers, getting interview more quickly, interviewing techniques to eliminate their competition, salary negotiations, how to best manage a job search to shorten the time in search and many more areas.

Now, for the first time, you have available to you what has been considered "secrets" that work in job search. Listen to a few of the recordings below and you will begin to understand why our methods work.


Branding Your Career


Changing Industries

Facing Career Weakness

Fine Tuning Your Search

Transferable Skills To New Industries

Switching Industries With No Network

Promises Made and Kept

I would recommend you to anyone

Effective Resumes and Packaging

Great Resumes Get Interviews

Doing What We Promise

Getting More Interviews

It Requires Hard Work

Experienced Coaches

Feedback and Focus

Even If You Are In Outplacement Now

Interview Preparation

Job Boards and Recruiters Don't Always Work

Job Search Process

Managing Multiple Interviews

Multiple Resources Work Together

Transferable Skills To New Industries

Your Story Is Why They Hire You

Negotiating More Money

Effective Negotiation Techniques

Facing Career Weakness

How They Rate Us

I Could Not Have Done It Without My Coach

Interviews That Lead To Better Offers

More Effective Negotiations

Your Story Is Why They Hire You